Expert conference

Conference of the Working Group of Young Foreign Policy Experts in Stockholm

Aktuelle außen- und sicherheitspolitische Herausforderungen in den nordischen und baltischen Staaten

The regional office of the Konrad-Adenauer Foundation to the Nordic States in collaboration with the office of European and International Cooperation in Berlin conducted a conference to address the current political challenges faced by the EU.


This year’s conference of the Working Group of Young Foreign Policy Experts took place in Stockholm, Sweden. In contrast to the conferences before, it was not only a bilateral exchange, but a conversation among the Baltic and Nordic states as well as Germany. The participants engaged in vivid debates about the most pressing challenges on the agenda of the relevant states: Nordic-Baltic security, the Arctic challenges, energy security in the region, the Nordic-Baltic EU perspective, the different answers to the migration crisis and the rise of populist parties. Besides the panels, the program included some background briefings.

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Stockholm, Sweden


Nadja Cornelius-Pieplow

Project Coordinator

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Länderprogramm Nordische Länder, Konferenz Stockholm_Mai 2016