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A prisoner as a beacon of hope?

by Marc Frings, Abeer Z.

Interview with Fadwa Barghouti

The Fatah politician Marwan Barghouti has been jailed in Israel for the last 15 years. His wife, Fadwa Barghouti, explains how he views the current state of affairs in Palestine.

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The name of Marwan Barghouti features prominently in any discussion about change within the Palestinian political leadership. In the eyes of the Palestinian public Barghouti is a national hero enjoy-ing strong support. Israel, on the other hand, considers him a terrorist who should remain in prison for the rest of his life. On the occasion of the 15th anniversary of his arrest on 15 April 2002 as well as a large-scale hunger strike Palestinian prisoners began on 17 April 2017, KAS-Ramallah met with Fadwa Barghouti, his wife and sole means of communication with the outside world.

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Marc Frings

Fadwa Barghouti mit Marc Frings, Leiter des KAS-Auslandsbüros in den Palästinensischen Gebieten


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