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Slight Majority of Palestinians are in Favor of the Resignation of the Government and the Holding of Early Elections

The result of the Public Opinion Poll No. 22 implemented by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research (PSR) in the West Bank and Gaza, funded by the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation (KAF) in Ramallah demonstrates that:

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• 48% of the Palestinians agree that the government should resign. A majority of 61% supports

early presidential and parliamentary elections.

• 56% believe that the President has the right to call for early elections.

• If parliamentary elections would take place today, Fatah would get 42% of the votes and

Hamas 36%. 12% would vote for other lists and 10% remain undecided. This means that the gap

between Fatah and Hamas has therefore widened from three percentage points to six

percentage points in this poll compared to the results three months ago.

• If early presidential elections are held today and only two, Mahmud Abbas for Fatah and

Ismail Haniya for Hamas, were to compete, Abbas would receive 46% of the vote and Haniya

would receive 45%. 9% remain undecided. But if the presidential race was between Marwan

Barghouti, representing Fatah, and Khaled Meshaal, representing Hamas, Marwan Barghouti

would receive 57% of the vote and Khaled Meshaal would receive 36%. 7% remain undecided.

• The decrease in Hamas’ popularity is associated with a decrease in public satisfaction with

its performance. Moreover, only 30% of the respondents evaluate the performance of the

“Executive Force,” commanded by the interior minister, as positive and contributing to the

enforcement of law and order while 51% evaluate its performance as negative and

contributing to lawlessness and anarchy.

• More than 90% of the public describe current Palestinian conditions as bad or very bad.

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