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The Palestinian Business Law Guide: a practical tool for investing in the Palestinian Territories

Ein praktisches Hilfsmittel zum Investieren in die palästinensischen Autonomiegebiete

In recent years the economic growth in the Palestinian Territories has become a fertile ground for investors. Newcomers to the market are however in real need of comprehensive and up-to-date information to launch their business effectively. The Palestinian Business Law Guide aims to lead potential investors into the new business and regulatory environment in the Palestinian Territories, enabling local and foreign entrepreneurs to optimise opportunities in the market.

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The Palestinian Business Law Guide is the result of two years of research and study by a number of highly qualified researchers and Law specialists. The guide clarifies the legal environment of investment in Palestine, it elaborates on the Palestinian investment-related legislation and system.

In addition to an introduction and a bibliography, the Palestinian Business Law Guide is divided into 15 chapters.

Chapter I presents general information on Palestine,

Chapter II sheds light on the PNA, the three powers and mandates of each,

Chapter III addresses the Palestinian economic system,

Chapter IV elaborates on the Palestinian judicial system, including the divisions and types of courts.

Chapter V addresses commercial legislation, which regulates the operation of companies, Chapter VI identifies investment-related laws, including the Investment Promotion Law and the Palestinian Industrial Estates and Free Zones Agency.

Chapter VII explicates financial laws, including regulations issued by the Palestinian Capital Market Authority (PCMA) and Palestinian Monetary Authority (PMA), including on guarantees, loans and facilities,

Chapter VIII addresses tax-related laws,

Chapter IX makes reference to laws governing the commercial activity, including laws of special significance to businesspeople and investors,

Chapter X elaborates on types, procedures and endorsement of powers of attorney,

Chapter XI lists all commercial agreements concluded between the PNA and other countries, highlighting major provisions under these agreements,

Chapter XII also elaborates on commercial crossing points between Palestine and neighbouring countries, explaining procedures of imports and exports into and from the PNA territory,

Chapter XIII casts light on stages and procedures applicable to the incorporation of enterprises in Palestine, including registration at official government bodies, required documents and fees ,

Chapter XIV lists addresses, contact details and emails of government departments and institutions.

Finally, Chapter XV features a set of relevant questions and answers to present immediate information to readers.

At the end of the Palestinian Business Law Guide, a bibliography entails relevant references, including laws, research papers, published or unpublished studies and MA theses.

KAS is therefore proud to fully support the Palestinian Business Law Guide. We believe the Guide will contribute to the economic development of the Palestinian Territories by providing a practical tool to local and foreign investors starting a business in the region.

It is worth mentioning that the Palestinian Business Law Guide is available upon request in Konrad Adenauer Stiftung-Ramallah.

To order a copy kindly contact Ilona Stettner,


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