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Media Campaign of the Nazaha Project on Transparency and Integrity within the PA

The degree of transparency, accountability and integrity in selected institutions of the Palestinian Authority – this was the topic of a media campaign realized in the framework of the Nazaha Project. The campaign aimed at instructing the Palestinian people on the problem of corruption in the public sector as well as on the shortcomings inside Palestinian institutions, thus raising their awareness for the necessity of reforms.

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The media campaign consisted of four roundtable discussions, conducted in Ramallah between February and the end of March 2008. The broadcasting of these encounters on Palestinian television was a crucial part of the campaign. Participants of the roundtable discussions were representatives of the PA and the private sector as well as members of the Palestinian Legislative Council and NGO representatives from the coalition "NGOs against Corruption", which was put up by the Nazaha Project. But also many journalists and interested citizens showed up at the roundtable discussions. All encounters were broadcasted twice on the local television stations Watan TV (West Bank) and Amal TV (Gaza Strip). In addition, seven other local television stations in the Palestinian Territories broadcasted the events in order to reach a bigger audience.

The roundtables aimed at highlighting the importance of transparency and accountability within Palestinian institutions for a well-functioning Palestinian society. Shortcomings within the public sector were pointed out and ideas for improvements were discussed by the participants.

The encounters were based on four examination reports, researched and compiled beforehand by a competent and independent expert, dealing with corruption and deficiencies inside the Palestinian National Authority.

Issues of concern included:

•the use of public funds within the PA institutions

•the work of the Palestinian Water Authority and its

cooperation with the PA

•the management of grants and external assistance given to

local governments in the Palestinian Territories

•the practice of tender procedures applied in the governmental


Throughout all roundtables, the participants supported the demand for more transparency and accountability within the Palestinian institutions and – in most cases – agreed with the assessments and recommendations of the corruption reports.

Altogether more than 100 representatives of the PA and the private sector as well as journalists and citizens participated in the talks. This number clearly proves the great interest in the topics presented at the roundtables as well as the willingness to openly discuss the problems detected in the reports as well as suggestions for improvement.

Nazaha is a jointly implemented project of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and its Palestinian partner AMAN (Coalition for Accountability and Integrity). The project aims at fighting corruption, supporting means of good governance and accountability as well as building an efficient and viable Palestinian civil society. The Nazaha Project is funded by the European Commission within the framework of the program „Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights“.

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