25 Journalists trained on media issues

On August 8, 2005 the Palestinian Center for Mass Communication (PCMC) held a graduation ceremony for the participants of its media training course.


25 journalists from different media organizations and public relation officers were trained for 36 hours during the period July 20 - August 2 on news coverage, interview techniques, journalists’ ethics, the role of media in democracy, investigative reports and the financial and economic aspects of the media industry. The trainees were assigned practical tasks to write investigative reports on issues and events related to Hebron city.

The project is funded by Konrad Adenauer Foundation. A similar course is taking place at the PCMC offices in Gaza, aiming at enhancing critical thinking, raising awareness of the role of media in democracy and empowering Palestinian journalists’ capacity.

Representatives of the Ministry of Information and the Political Guidance Commission office in Hebron attended the ceremony in which Mr. Thomas Birringer, Konrad Adenauer Foundation Resident Representative in the Palestinian Autumns Territories addressed the audience.

He congratulated all of the participants in this training course for their graduation; this is a step forward to empower the Palestinian journalists’ skills. Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation politics is based on supporting the Palestinians to achieve democracy and stability. The media in this regard is an important capacity in the political pluralism. Hence, for the graduates themselves the course is not only an opportunity but also an obligation.

At the end of the ceremony Mr. Birringer and PCMC guests distributed the certificates on the participants. The PCMC will print a brochure containing journalistic materials that were taught in this training program and will distribute it on the media institutions as part of this project.

This is the second project Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation and the PCMC are conducting together. The first was producing five TV episodes in 2004 and aimed at presenting the nonviolence means to the Palestinian public as an alternative for them to achieve their goals.

During his visit to Hebron Mr. Birringer met Mr. Arif Jaba’ri, the governor of Hebron and discussed with him the political and economical situation in Hebron.

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25 Journalisten wurde eine Medienfortbildung ermöglicht