Module 3: Monitoring the Administration

Administrative Diploma Program

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung together with the Institute for Community Partnership (ICP) in Bethlehem is happy to announce the start of a one year Administrative Diploma program.


The Administrative Diploma program is mainly targeting the public sector employee, with 28 participants onboard. The program is meant to have eight different modules throughout the year; each module will cover certain public administration topic, from budgeting to monitoring and evaluation to political science and so on and so forth. At the end of the program participants will be honored with a diploma certified by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education in addition to their new skills and knowledge.

This program has been supported by KAS since 10 years, the number of beneficiaries topped 200 public sector employee.

Module 3 - Monitoring the Administration

Dr. Osama Khlaileh will be the main trainer of Module 3 from the 13 of May until the 11 of June. He will tackle the process of supervising / evaluating any administration; where typically administrator is responsible for monitoring the staff and the system through variety of methods and tools. That includes a set of monitoring and diagnostic tools. Administrators can see system health information; explore how organizations use resources; view events, alarms, and reports; and generate diagnostic packages for individual and for the system itself.

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  • Dr. Osama Khlaileh

    Linda Safarini

    Program Manager