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“All Politics Is Local” - Training Seminars for Local Politicians

All of the 32 participants of the training seminar courses conducted by the Institute of Community Partnership (ICP) in Bethlehem in cooperation with KAS Ramallah attended the final ceremony of the first course-period, where certificates were handed out.

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Objective of the courses, which took place within the framework of the “Palestinian Leadership Building”-program of the ICP was to train regional representatives on democratic values, state theory, good governance and related topics.

Elected members of town councils and local municipalities, as well as employees of the local administration declared in the reception that took place after the graduation ceremony, that the training seminars had helped them to improve their work. In addition, they shared the opinion that the whole society will benefit, because the participants can pass on their newly acquired knowledge to their communities.

This effect will be improved by the fact that all participants can adopt new skills obtained in the training courses directly in their daily business.

Furthermore, local representatives and employees of regional governments from Hebron, Bethlehem, East Jerusalem and surrounding areas had the opportunity to exchange their experiences on a regular base.

In his greeting words, the director of the Institute for Community Partnership, Moussa Rabadi, expressed his gratitude towards the KAS Ramallah for its long-lasting cooperation.

Thomas Birringer, Resident Representative of KAS Ramallah, underlined in his speech the necessity to advance local politics and highlighted that development and improvement can be initiated on the local level in an ideal way, since this is the starting point for political engagement. Furthermore Thomas Birringer highlighted, that the KAF doesn’t see itself merely as a donor but as a cooperation partner and therefore wants to build upon the experience of the Palestinian local politicians.

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