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PFI presents Private Sector Agenda during a workshop in Ramallah

A workshop was held in Ramallah on the draft study of Industrial Policy in the Private Sector, conducted by The Palestinian Federation of Industries (PFI) in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Ramallah. The study aims at reflecting ideas and requirements for the development of the Palestinian private sector and thus establishing a Private Sector Policy Agenda.

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The draft study itself and its analytical result, the Private Sector Policy Agenda, are the outcome of a series of meetings and consultations held by the PFI and numerous Palestinian businessmen, mainly owners of factories and of Palestinian companies in the private sector. Besides the larger workshop in Ramallah, round-table discussions took place in Nablus and Hebron as well as in the Gaza Strip, where talks between the PFI board and local businessmen were made possible by using video link service.

The clear message of all meetings was that the private sector’s voice must prevail to ensure its needs in the Gaza Strip as well as in the West Bank.

During the workshop in Ramallah, Dr. Basam Khoury, President of the Palestinian Federation of Industries, underlined the importance of the study, expressed the need of the study’s participants for interaction and welcomed any additional ideas which would help to enrich the study. Dr. Khoury furthermore added that the adoption of a private sector’s agenda will most certainly improve and empower the entire sector.

In addition, Dr. Bamiyah presented the private sector’s medium-term strategy to achieve economic growth and development. He emphasized on the importance to create a proper environment for the business sector and to contribute to the preparations for an independent and sovereign Palestinian State. According to Dr. Bamiyah three fundamental issues need to be focused on: the legal framework, the construction of effective institutions, and industrial modernization.

Dr. Saeb Bamiyah, PFI’s Economic Advisor, stressed the study’s importance pointing out that the study reflects the private sector’s own agenda, which now needs to be become part of the government’s priorities in order to further strengthen the Palestinian private sector.

An international conference on the new PFI study will be held soon with the participation of the Palestinian government. At this conference the final document focusing on the Palestinian private sector’s needs will be presented to international experts and donors. Most of all, the PFI is working towards the adoption of the document by the Palestinian Authority.

The workshop was very successful and extensively covered in the local media.

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