54th Globalization Lecture Series: Leadership -- Lessons from the Mt. Everest Expedition



For its 54th Globalization Lecture Series, the Asian Institute of Management Policy Center (APC), together with the Konrad- Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), hosted “Leadership: Lessons from the Mt. Everest Expedition” last June 27, 2006 at the Function Room 1-4, Ground Floor, AIM Conference Center, Makati.

Mr. Francis G. Estrada, President of AIM, opened the lecture with a salute to the mountaineers whom he described as people of character—having the ability to withstand adversities. A video of the expedition was presented wherein expedition Leader Mr. Valdez emphasized the process that ensured the success of the expedition. What we see today, he said, is the triumph of the Philippine spirit and determination confirmed by the words “the Philippine Eagle has landed at the summit of Mt. Everest.”

Mr. Art Valdez presented his 3 C’s for the selection process: physical, physiological, and psychological Capability, Commitment to rigorous trainings and preparations, and Compatibility. The latter, he explained, as the most challenging because mountaineers, usually highly individualistic and competitive, needed to transform into team players, surrender personal goals in pursuit of higher ones. Aside from this, external challenges such as limited financial resources and an emerging competitor, were surmounted by the team’s immense yearning to reconfirm the Filipinos’ faith in themselves as a people.

Professor Jose Jesus Roces noted that this once thought insanity is now a legacy of the 5 I’s in Mr. Valdez’s leadership and execution - Integrity in choosing to execute the task, the Individual drive to push one’s limits, Interest in nationhood, Intensity in leading and following, and a deep well of Inspiration.

Distinguished members of the expedition, Mr. Leo Oracion, Mr. Erwin Emata, and Dr. Ted Esguerra joined their leader at the open forum.

Dr. Federico Macaranas, Executive Director of the AIM Policy Center closed the lecture with remarks on the tragedy of leadership being the executing of the 3 C’s without heart and without listening other people and leadership being about creating lasting moments that thrive long after they are dead. He congratulated the expedition team for bringing pride to the Philippine nation.

The event was graced by a diverse audience composed of leaders from the government and private sector, participants from the academe, including AIM, the Philippine National Police Academy, the Development Academy of the Philippines, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Ateneo de Davao, Silliman University, University of Southeastern Philippines, and Angeles University joining via the internet.

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