A Damaged Culture by James Fallows--20 Years After

Globalization Lecture Series

The Globalization Lecture Series(GLS) is designed to convene international and local experts in specific fields, and engage them in strategic conversations and dialogues towards greater understanding of global issues and trends.


The lecture, to be headed by Mr. Manolo Quezon and other experts on economics, politics and culture, will acknowledge the 20th anniversary of the controversial yet reality-awakening essay by The Atlantic Monthly National Correspondent, Mr. James Fallows, “A Damaged Culture.” The essay that was publicized in the 1st of November

1987, just a year after the EDSA Revolution, is once again calling our utmost attention and reflection on the issues raised. After twenty years, is the Philippines just going around circles while other neighboring countries mentioned in the article, such as China, Vietnam and Cambodia have progressed? What is innate in the Filipino culture that keeps development slow and the gap of the extreme rich and the extreme poor wide?

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Asian Institute of Management


  • Mr. Manolo Quezon

    Klaus Preschle