Implementing the Bangsamoro Organic Law: Roundtable/Lecture Series

Unpacking Bangsamoro Transition and BTA under the BOL

The series are in-depth discussions for better understanding of the Bangsomoro Organic Law (BOL) and the ways and means to implement it in a meaningful, efficient and relevant way. The series will examine the context, resources and capacities of institutions that will implement the BOL. Concrete actions and proposals are to be generated to build on the strengths and address the gaps and weaknesses in current processes and implementing institutions. The series will generate policy briefs to inform and aid policymakers and key stakeholders moving forward.


The roundtable will seek to answer the following guide questions: 

1. What are the provisions and interpretation of transition and BTA in the BOL?

2. What is the nature, role and mandates of the BTA? Is the BTA unitary or parliamentary or mixed?

3. What are the questions and grey areas in implementing the BOL provisions on transition and the BTA?

4. What is a good transition roadmap? What must be the priorities of the BTA moving forward?

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