Provisions on Indigenous Peoples in the Draft Bangsamoro Basic Law

IPDEV National Roundtable Discussion

As IPDEV winds towards completing its 3-year project life time, we will be conducting our last National Roundtable Discussion (RTD) in Makati on October 8, 2014.


Since the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law has already been submitted to Congress by President Aquino, our theme “Provisions on Indigenous Peoples in the Draft Bangsamoro Basic Law” is just timely.

We will be bringing in about twenty IP participants from the ARMM who have been trained by IPDEV under different capacities, i.e. IPMR, PO Presidents, IP Communications Group, Para-Techs or Para-Legals. They will join the National RTD to provide further enlightenment on whether the provisions are responsive to the situation of the IPs on the ground.

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Asian Institute of Management (AIM), Legaspi Village, Makati City


  • Commissioner Froilyn Mendoza (Bangsamoro Transisition Commission BTC)
    • Atty Gregorio Andolana