Revisiting Decentralization in the Philippines



To mark the 15th year anniversary of the Code, KAS and long-standing partner in strengthening local governments, the Local Government Development Foundation ( LOGODEF ), cooperated with the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ) to bring Dr. Bernd Spahn, former dean of the School of Economics of the University of Frankfurt and a world renowned expert in fiscal decentralization and federalism, and experts from Indonesia, China, and Thailand to the Philippines for the International Conference on Decentralization : “Revisiting Decentralization in the Philippines : Fiscal Decentralization in Support of Local Governance” at the New Hyatt Hotel.

The Conference was a venue for cross-border and interagency sharing of expertise on intergovernmental fiscal relations, taxation, finances, and budgeting, which KAS consider to be the fundamental building blocks of successful autonomous set-ups.

Presidential Management Staff Director General Atty. Arthur C. Yap delivered the keynote speech of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Senator Alfredo S. Lim delivered a statement as the Chairman of the Local Government Committee of the Upper Chamber of Congress, and Chairman of the House of Representatives’ Local Government Committee, Dr Emilio C. Macias II, M.D. delivered a statement discussing the issues on devolution, particularly that of Health Care services

The first day of the conference focused on the decentralization experiences of the Philippines and the represented countries, with a focus on China’s successful development of its cities. On the second day local government leagues presented their proposals for decentralization and discussed with finance specialists their problems and issues with fiscal administration.

KAS supports the agenda of the Philippine Government to create more centers of growth in the country, in the firm belief that greater degrees of local and regional autonomy will fuel the kind of sustainable growth rate that will reduce poverty and bring about social equality.

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