Study and Information Program

Study visit for Representatives of the Centrist Democratic Youth Association of the Philippines

Following an invitation from Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung a group of young politicians of the “Centrist Democratic Youth Association” in the Philippines visited Berlin for one week in August 2013.


Advised by KAS, a National Founding Council of the “Centrist Democratic Youth Association of the Philippines” (CDYAP) was constituted in September 2012. It currently coordinates founding activities for regional and local associations of CDYAP which take place in all 16 regions of the Philippines. As one out of the four currently set up party associations in the new “Centrist Democratic Party of the Philippines” (CDP), CDYAP is particularly important for the nationwide distribution of the CDP - especially since almost 70% of the Philippine's population is younger than 35 and the youth in particular seeks for alternatives to corrupt patronage- and money-dominated traditional pseudo-parties. KAS is involved directly as well as through its partner “Centrist Democracy Political Institute' (CDPI) in the orientation and qualification of the CDYAP’s executives.

All insights and newly acquired knowledge gained from the study trip to Berlin will very likely be usefuk for the work of such party-political youth work during the upcoming local and national elections. After the elections, those CDYAP executives from all regions participating in the study trip to Germany shall receive further trainings and attend more seminars in cooperation with CDPI. This shall enable CDYAP to take up the tasks of supporting and controlling the first elected CDP representatives at local and national level with their programme-based consequence and proximity to the citizens.

During their stay the participants learned about the work of youth organizations of a democratic peoples party and about the challenges of running such an organization. Especially the exchange with the members of the Junge Union on federal and national level was very enriching for the participants.

Among other meetings, the group was able to attend the following lectures and exchange with the following contacts during their study visit to Germany:

- Dr. Gerhard Wahlers, Deputy Secretary General, Head of Department for European and International Cooperation with Ms. Beatrice Gorawantschy and Ms. Caroline Kanter

- Dr. Karsten Grabow, Coordinator for Political analyses and political parties, Department for Politics and Consulting (Political Dev’t in the Philippines)

- Lecture on Introduction into the German Political system – Prof. Dr. Oskar Niedermayer

- Lecture on Political Education by KAS and promotion of young talents - Ms. Rita Schorpp–Grabiak

- Lecture on Self Government by Mr. Tobias Montag, Coordinator for Domestic Policy, Department for Politics and Consulting

- Mr. Gert Olav Göhs : Development of the CDU and its participation in international umbrella organizations

- Ms Andrea Bischoff, Deputy head of the Secretariat of the Defense committee: Tasks and Function of the Defence Committee of the German Parliament

- H.E. Maria Cleofe Natividad, Philippine Ambassador

- Mr. Michael Lönne, Federal head of Ring of Christian Democrats students RCDS

- Mr. Alexander Humbert, Federal Head Office of Junge Union Germany ( Youth Organisation of the CDU)

- Mr. Danny Freymark, Spokesman for environment policy of the CDU parliamentary group in the chamber of Representatives of Berlin

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Berlin, Germany


Cristita Giangan

Die Delegation traf in der Akademie der KAS Dr. Gerhard Wahlers (3.v.l. mittlere Reihe), Dr. Beatrice Gorawantschy (1. v.r. untere Reihe) und Caroline Kanter (1. v.r. mittlere Reihe) zum Gespräch. KAS