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The Modern Arab State


10 years after the Arab uprisings, the authors analyze developments from different perspectives and offer a new understanding of how the region has evolved and what the way forward might look like. The editor walks you through the chapters in our new video and follow us on our Website and on Social Media to read the book.

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10 years after the Arab uprisings, expectations have been shattered and the outlook is rather bleak. And yet there has been a drastic change and a new understanding of identity that rebalances the traditional social contract and a balance of power. How has the region evolved over the past decade and, more importantly, where is it headed over the next decade?


This video summarizes the key findings of the book "The Modern Arab State," which is available digitally on the KAS PolDiMed website or in print at our offices. The book's editor, Youssef Cherif, explains the key messages of the various chapters contributed by distinguished authors Lina Khatib, Amro Ali, Youssef Cherif, Özlem Tür, and Nader Kabbani.


The Regional Program Political Dialogue South Mediterranean of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS PolDiMed) would like to thank the excellent contributions and invites everyone to follow us on social media and visit our website for an interesting read and to follow our project activities.

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