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AI in Cyber Warfare: A New Challenger in The Mediterranean Battlefields

Exploring cybersecurity collaboration between the two shores of the Mediterranean

While traditional powers present in the southern Mediterranean used to have a monopoly on cybersecurity capabilities, in recent years the region has seen the emerging of non-traditional players capable of implementing highly sophisticated attacks. As we keep integrating AI into every aspect of our lives, the cybersecurity challenges we now face are evolving at an extremely fast pace and are radically changing the way cybersecurity needs to be analyzed.

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AI is a powerful technology that enables computers to mimic or simulate human behavior. Within the family of AI-based technologies lies a fascinating subsection called machine learning. This subgroup of technologies encompasses a wide range of skills going from learning, identifying, selecting, understanding as well as analyzing, surmising, deducing or even anticipating.


At the regional level, these changes contribute to increasing pressure in a southern Mediterranean sub region already largely destabilized by conflicts between multiple actors. Moreover, as these conflicts tend to involve both traditional and non-traditional actors (non-state actors) in a framework of proxy warfare, it seems that the use of digital weapons on a large scale is more likely.


Against this backdrop, the KAS Regional Program South Mediterranean, in cooperation with the Institute for Prospective and Advanced Strategic and Security Studies (IPASS), is organizing a webinar to discuss the major metamorphosis of the cybersecurity sector in the Southern Mediterranean and the consequences of AI in these developments. The meeting will bring together cybersecurity experts and practitioners from the MENA region and Europe to explore the opportunities for cooperation between the two sides of the Mediterranean to reduce the risks posed by the widespread use of weapons using AI technology. 


02.00 pm

Opening and welcome words


Thomas Volk

Director the KAS Regional Program South Mediterranean, Tunisia


Rear-Admiral Kamel Akrout

Founder and Chairman of IPASSS and former Senior National Security Advisor to the President, Tunisia


02.15 pm



Firas Sassi

Senior Director of National Security and Geo-Strategy, IPASS, Tunisia


02.30 pm



Dr. Lina Oueidat

Advisor to the Prime Minister and National ICT Strategy Coordinator, Lebanon


Dr. Sven Herpig

Project Director “International Cyber Security Policy", Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, Germany


Khadeja Ramali

Research analyst, SOAS University of London, United Kingdom


Naoufel Frikha

CEO, National Agency for Computer Security, Tunisia



Moderated by Firas Sassi

Senior Director of National Security and Geo-Strategy, IPASS, Tunisia


04.00 pm

Conclusion and Wrap up



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Online-Seminar über Zoom und Facebook

Riadh Dziri

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