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"The Future of Arab Policing"

The significant political transformations the MENA region is going through are driving broad institutional reforms. In this regard, police forces represent a symbolic body that has to be modernized and settled in accordance with the needs and expectations of Arab societies. In December 2018, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s (KAS) Regional Program South Mediterranean in collaboration with the European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) initiated a of conference series on police reform with a particular focus on the relationship between citizens and police forces.

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Following the first successful kick-off in Tunis, KAS and EUISS kept up the momentum and organized a second event in Amman, Jordan. Gathering experts, academics and law enforcement practitioners, this second edition on “The Future of Arab Policing” enabled to bring about a comprehensive panorama on the major challenges police institutions are facing in their modernization and reforming process. From the difficult working conditions of police officers to the lack of transparent oversight including the complex relationship between citizens and police institutions, our participants highlighted many bottlenecks that delay police institutions in their reform processes. 

Another dimension of the conference was focused on exchanges of best practices through discussions of successful initiatives that were implemented in the MENA region. Put in place by several organizations such as the European Union, UNDP as well as local police institutions, our participants discovered several initiatives focused on changing police forces to more service oriented state institutions. Despite different contexts, a recurring observation was that, for instance, a more horizontal decision chain with a multiplication of decision making points on the field clearly improved the relationship with citizens and tends to create a more trustful environment.

The overall product of the Tunis and Amman conferences will be used as a central input into the EUISS Challiot Papers on the future of Community Policing in the Arab World.

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