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AI in Armed Conflicts in the MENA Region

The efficiency and ethical consideration of UAVs

The Regional Program Political Dialogue South Mediterranean of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung organised an online seminar entitled “AI in Armed Conflicts in the MENA Region: the efficiency and ethical consideration of UAVs”. The virtual event was held on ZOOM and streamed on Facebook on 18th February 2021.

The virtual seminar opened a discussion to unfold the use of AI-based drones in armed conflicts with a focus on the MENA region where the experts tackled the topics below:

  • Discussing the militarization of AI
  • Exploring the case of Libya: drones and misinformation
  • Covering the ethics of AI in armed conflicts

The webinar adopted a conversational format to allow a flow and reactive discussion about the subject matter. The first panelist discussed the use of AI in the military sector, the benefits and misuses of AI and explained how AI has been deployed by the army. The discussion then tackled the case of Libya and the panelist went through the different AI-based technologies used in the Libyan conflict such as demining robots and UAVs. The last part of the discussion dealt with the ethical question of the use of AI and its importance in both reducing the risk of the misuse and assuring accountability.   

The event was concluded by a Q&A session to enable the participants to ask and interact with the experts.

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