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Local voices towards permanent dialogue in the Mediterranean

Mediterranean Mayors Meeting

KAS PolDiMed, in partnership with the Mediterranean network of cities MedCities, organized a seminar in Tunis, entitled “Local voices towards permanent dialogue in the Mediterranean”. The event took place between 21 and 22 October 2021 and aimed to gather mayors from different South Mediterranean countries in order to discuss the needs and priorities of municipalities, with a regional perspective.

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The event provided a space for the invited mayors to present their activities and highlight the needs of their respective communities.  This mayors meeting was an opportunity to discuss the impact of the local political and socio-economic condition on the region and how the existing institutional frameworks that define the Euro-Mediterranean relations could foster the role of local authorities in order to set-up a bottom-up approach for regional integration.

The discussions tackled the link between climate change, unemployment and migration, focusing on the challenges of local authorities. The event was a chance to present common challenges in the region and to discuss the important role of local authorities in mitigating them.

The 2-day event was wrapped up by technical visits to various leading projects in Tunis.

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Riadh Dziri


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