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The European Fall Academy 2021

Online Seminar

From 4 to 6 October 2021, KAS PolDiMed organized, in cooperation with the European Otzenhausen Academy, a three-day online training with fifteen young students and activists from the Maghreb region.

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The 4th edition of the European Fall Academy was an opportunity to expose the participants to topics related to the European Union and its relations with the Maghreb countries. Furthermore, common challenges of social change in the EU and the Maghreb region were discussed and analysed on the basis of the current events and social trends.

The three-day academy tackled relevant topics such as the European defence, and migration policies and the EU's response to social changes in the two regions. Mr Tilmann Lahan, the trainer of the academy, presented several European institutions and their history by providing a virtual tour via Google Earth. The young participants shared their perspective on the EU-Maghreb relations, as well as Maghreb-Maghreb relations post COVID19. During the last day, the participants were split into three groups to discuss international cooperation, education and youth employment in the Maghreb region.

The academy was wrapped up by a set of recommendations and suggestions by the participants to reinforce the role of youth in the future of the EU-Maghreb relations.

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Riadh Dziri


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