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UNITAMS in Sudan’s Shifting Transition

Online Seminar

The Regional Program Political Dialogue South Mediterranean of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung organised an online seminar entitled “UNITAMS in Sudan’s Shifting Transition”. The virtual event was held on ZOOM, on March 18, 2021 and broadcasted live on Facebook.

The online seminar was a chance to discuss the opportunities and challenges facing UNITAMS in light of Sudan’s fragile stability and of current shifts in domestic and international political alignments. The panel put in conversation specific aspects of UNITAMS’ mandate with some of these recent shifts. The Regional program invited the chief of staff of the UNITAMS who gave a closer insight on the mission’s objectives and field of action. The panelists addressed questions regarding the priorities for the mission, the protection of civilian in Darfur, security sector reform, planned UNITAMS activities in the Two Areas and Eastern Sudan, and prospects for a peace agreement with holdover armed groups.

Over 90 participants attended the online seminar on ZOOM and over 180 viewers on Facebook. The virtual event was an opportunity for the attendee to interact with local and regional topic-matter experts which provided an in-depth view on UNITAMS’s mandate and role.


Riadh Dziri

Riadh Dziri KAS

Project Coordinator

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