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Podcast: European and Chinese Energy Security Policy

by Dr. Peter Hefele

Interview with Mr. Stratos Pourzitakis | Hong Kong

The "great game" on energy and natural resources is back in geopolitics. The European Union sees the "Energy Union" as one of its main strategic objectives. China´s foreign policy is largely shaped by securing access to commodities for its further economic rise and wealth of its population. Mr. Stratos Pourzitakis, Lead Researcher at Asian Private Banker, Hong Kong, discusses future developments in Eurasian energy politics with Dr. Peter Hefele, Director KAS RECAP.

Mr. Stratos Pourzitakis is currently a lead researcher at the Asian Private Banker in Hong Kong. He is the principal investigator of the KAS RECAP-sponsored research project on "Economic Instruments for Environmental Policy and Local Governance: A Public Policy Approach". He holds a Master of International Public Policy of Osaka University and will complete his PhD degree at HKBU Department of Government and International Studies. His PhD research is funded by the EUAP and it is conducted under the supervision of Prof. Jean-Pierre Cabestan and Dr. Krzysztof Feliks Sliwinski.

His research aims to assess the evolution of the EU-China energy security relations vis-a-vis the case of Central Asia. In particular, using the complex interdependence theory the basic hypothesis of the research is that as the energy needs of China and the EU increase their energy security relations become closer with positive spillover effects to their political and economic relations. The research project started in 2013. It is based on existing literature, business data, and official documents as well as on expert interviews including with senior officials and representatives of the energy business sector.


Dr. Peter Hefele