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Podcast: Energy and climate change in India – Challenges and perspectives

by Peter Hefele

Interview with Prof. Shreekant Gupta | Singapore

India will soon overtake China in its number of population. Lifting hundreds of millions of people out of poverty remains the priority of India’s policy. Energy demands will therefore increase dramatically in the years to come. The same time, the impacts of climate change and environmental degradation are already heavily felt in the country. How can India bridge the challenges of development and climate change mitigation? Listen to Professor Shreekant Gupta, one of the leading experts in India on energy and climate change policy.

Professor Gupta has worked as a policy maker, researcher and teacher in environment and urban issues. At present, he is adjunct professor at National University of Singapore. He has taught at the University of Delhi, National University of Singapore and University of Maryland. He has also worked amongst others as an environmental economist at the World Bank in Washington, D.C. and as a career economist in the Indian Government.

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