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Energy Security and Climate Change in South Asia

A Threat Analysis for Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka

The publication encompasses four country studies which provide an in-depth analysis of the threats and challenges global warming is posing on South Asia.

South Asia is among the regions most severely affected by climate change. More than one and a half billion people are living between the Himalaya and the Indian Ocean. They are threatened concurrently by the rising sea level, the advancing snow melt, spreading deseases and severe droughts. Furthermore, there is an increasing gap between the insufficient supply of electric energy and the huge demand by the rapidly growing population and the developing economy. Applying an interdisciplinary perspective, the studies take a close look at the complex nexus of energy security and climatic changes in South Asia and explain possible approaches to tacle these challenges. The studies have been conducted by renowned experts of the respective countries. Further studies about India, Afghanistan and Bhutan will follow in 2018.

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