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Toward A Low Carbon Energy Transition in Cambodia

by Dr Pheakdey Heng

Expert Analysis on National Energy Policy

Cambodia’s energy sector is undergoing constant transformation. The paper, funded by KAS RECAP, scrutinizes energy security in Cambodia. The author, Dr. Pheakdey Heng provides concrete recommendations for policymakers, seeking to help Cambodia develop an effective pathway to transform its energy sector from fossil fuel to more sustainable energy sources.

The research paper discusses the need for energy transition in Cambodia. It assesses Cambodia’s clean energy potential, analyzes the policy environment and discusses the role of the private sector in accelerating the transition towards sustainable energy. The paper concludes with a set of recommendations to address the regulatory barriers and attract sufficient private financing to scale up renewable energy investment and harness wider socio-economic benefits for Cambodia.

Profile of the author:

Dr. Pheakdey Heng is a founder and chairman of Enrich Institute, a SDGs think tank based in Cambodia. Dr. Heng is a policy development, monitoring and evaluation professional. He specializes in research, capacity building, policy development and M&E, stakeholder engagement and resource mobilization in the areas of energy, climate change and sustainable urbanization. Dr. Heng has 10 years of professional experience leading his institute and managing projects for various local and international organizations such as UNDP, UNESCAP, World Bank, GGGI, PFAN, Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, Asia Competitiveness Institute, Asia Foundation, GERES, NGO-Forum, just to name a few. Dr. Heng obtained his master degree from Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore and his Ph.D from VU University Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He is an exceptional public speaker and facilitator and has been invited to speak and moderate in workshops and conferences around the world. He also writes and publishes frequently in his areas of expertise.


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