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IEA-ICAP-KAS Carbon Pricing Dialogue

Asia Climate Summit 2022

As part of the Asia Climate Summit 2022 hosted by International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) in Singapore, KAS RECAP, International Energy Agency (IEA) and International Carbon Action Partnership (ICAP) will organise a closed workshop to discuss the latest carbon pricing and climate policies of different Asian jurisdictions on 6 December.

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Carbon pricing is a powerful policy instrument for leveraging market forces to incentivise cost-effective emission reductions across sectors. Increasingly, jurisdictions in the Asia-Pacific region are considering or implementing their own carbon pricing instruments. These efforts hold promise for decarbonisation efforts. However, ensuring their success requires careful alignment across the policy framework. This workshop brings together regional experts to share experiences and discuss the common barriers they face when designing and implementing long-term climate policy packages that include carbon pricing. This workshop is a unique opportunity to explore several topics in the current carbon pricing landscape that are relevant to the Asia-Pacific context, from instrument choice and design considerations to carbon border adjustment mechanisms, to deep industrial decarbonisation.

The full program of the Asia Climate Summit 2022:

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