Paths towards a Southeast Asian energy transition

Seminar for decision makers in politics and economy

Similarly to many other developing countries, Cambodia is facing the decision to shape the basis for a sustainable energy supply system. Together with Enrich Institute / Phnom Penh, the way towards a Cambodian energy transition will be highlighted.


Developing countries have a great potential in establishing the use of sustainable energy. Indeed, in many cases there is a lack of an appropriate regulatory framework and administrative experiences for an implementation. Dealing with this challenge, the seminar addresses high-ranking representatives of ministries, national energy supply corporations and members of the National Council for Sustainable Development in order to elaborate approaches for Cambodia jointly with experts from Europe and Asia.

The seminar will focus on the question how to foster the breakthrough of these innovative technologies. The German energy journalist Dr. Birgit Wetzel will present the experiences of the German Energiewende and other Eurasian countries. The prospects for Cambodia to create an appropriate institutional and legal framework will be discussed by Dr. Hefele, Director of RECAP, in the light of the examples of other states. Financing the necessary infrastructure for countries with a low economic output is often a crucial bottleneck for ambitious projects. The interaction of public and private investors will be explained by Christophe Bongars, advisor for sustainable investment, at the end of the seminar.

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Phnom Penh, Cambodia


  • Dr. Birgit Wetzel
    • free journalist
    • Berlin
  • Christophe Bongars
    • SustainAsia
    • Hong Kong
  • Dr. Pheakdey Heng
    • Enrich Institute
    • Phnom Penh
  • Dr. Peter Hefele
    • Hong Kong


Options for a Sustainable Energy Future in Cambodia: Capacity Building Workshop for Cambodian Policy Makers
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