Event Reports

Neue Business Modelle im Energiesektor in Zeiten der Digitalisierung

by Peter Hefele
The global energy business is under tremendous pressure to reinvent itself. Three major impact factors can be identified: Digitalisation, Decarbonisation and Decentralisation. All types of business operations will be affected – also beyond the traditional energy business. To manage these challenges, new skill, organisational culture and technological knowledge are needed. On invitation of ESSCA School of Management Shanghai, Dr Peter Hefele, Director KAS RECAP, presented main findings of a recent KAS RECAP study on Digitalisation of Global Energy Systems [https://www.kas.de/web/energie-klima-lateinamerika/single-title/-/content/geopolitik-erneuerbarer-energien-in-lateinamerika-eine-umfrage]. He emphasized on the cross-sectoral effects and the need for a better regulatory framework, to maximize the economic and social gains through digitalized energy systems. Enhancing the resilience of digitalized infrastructure and channeling funds into a green transition are further priorities of national and global politics.