AStepAhead 2018

Number one career fair for women in Saudi Arabia

Also in 2018, the Regional Programme Gulf States continues to support "AStepAhead", the number one career fair for women in the Kingdom. In this year’s edition, KAS will also organise two workshops.


AStepAhead 2018 is organised by the Saudi start-up Glowork under the patronage of the Saudi Ministry of Labour and Social Development. Taking place annually since 2012 in Riyadh, AStepAhead is a three-day programme designed to connect female job seekers from all educational backgrounds and levels of experience with potential employers. In 2017, AStepAhead attracted as much as 37,000 female job seekers and resulted in almost 4,000 women being hired onsite.

The career fair is not only designed to effectively provide women with tailored access to the labour market. It also offers a fascinating conference programme with a series of keynote speeches, workshops and panel discussions featuring thought leaders from politics and the top employers in the Kingdom. In this year’s edition, the Regional Programme will also host two workshops for the participants.

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Dr. Manuel Schubert