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Additional inter-cultural workshop in the series of seminars for young Emirati journalists in October

„Broadening the cultural horizon and crossing media boundaries“ – this is the device of the 6th German-Arab Journalists’ Academy.


Whether in Germany, Egypt, or the Arab Gulf, all modern journalists share the fact that they work with different forms of media. In the age of digital media, they write a newspaper article based on an interview, record as well as cut videos. Afterwards they add the original sound and upload it as a podcast, blog or youtube video on internet platforms.

„Broadening the cultural horizon and crossing media boundaries“ is the device of the 6th German-Arab Academy for Journalists. The Regional Program Gulf States expect 8 young journalists from Germany not only for a cultural exchange with their collegues from the Gulf during their 8 days of the seminary. But also to explore together new topics and gather experiences with the different forms of media. The media trainers Jochen Markett, Tina Bettels (fellow at the Erich-Brost-Institute for International Journalism at the University of Dortmund), and Dr. Abbas Sadig will guide them through the eclectic program.

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