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Developing Future Leaders

Prospects for an Empowered Youth in Europe and the Gulf

The Regional Office Gulf States and the Gulf Studies Center at Qatar University are jointly organising a two-day conference on „Developing Future Leaders - Prospects for an Empowered Youth in Europe and the Gulf”.


Both regions share concerns about the current youth employment situation and are keen to provide the foundation for a prosperous and passionate future work force. Education is the first step on the way to a bright future. However, youth employment through a successful transition from the classroom to the executive floor cannot be taken for granted. The MENA region has the highest youth unemployment rates in the world – yet, the situation in Europe does not look bright either: twice as many young people are without a job compared to their fellow older citizens.

Debating these broad and significant issues aims at transferring know-how, sharing of practical experiences, and building future cooperation networks between stakeholders in leadership development from both regions. Besides the exchange of views on education and capacity-building for future leaders as well as the decisive entry into the labour market, the conference will be devoted to the substantial economic benefits of a diverse workforce.

At this occasion young leaders from Europe and the Gulf will also get the chance to speak out. What do young people think about the worlds of business and politics whose leadership they are about to inherit? Is the economic and political establishment willing to accept their new ideas? Promising questions which should lead to passionate debates on the prospects of an empowered youth in Europe and the Gulf.

The upcoming conference is already the third fruitful cooperation between Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and the Gulf Studies Center at Qatar University.

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Doha, Qatar


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Dr. Gidon Windecker