Encouraging the role of women in traditional societies - The Example of South Africa

Guest speaker: Sizani Ngubane from the Rural Women's Movement South Africa

Sizani Ngubane of the Rural Women's Movement (RWM) in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa,will give an insight into the work of her organization and how they encourage women to play a strong role in the advancement of South African society.


Sizani Ngubane founded the Rural Women's Movement (RWM) in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) twelve years ago. She has inspired thousands of indigenous women to become part of the movement with a vision to assist in the advancement of women in rural communities. Her stance has always been A-political although she has pushed to have more women elected to decision-making bodies, Local and National Government. Part of work she does is to train women for such responsibilities.

Sizani worked for almost ten years as a gender specialist for the AFRA in KwaZulu Natal. Prior to that, she worked for the South African Women's National Coalition as a provincial coordinator. Her skills and abilities were recognized when she was appointed the first organizer in the Northern Natal Region by the African National Congress (ANC) which had recently been made legal. She bas been an activist for women's rights for like 40 years and is particularly passionate about women's independent rights to land, property and inheritance.

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      Women’s rights in traditional societies: The South African example: Sizani Ngubane, founder of the Rural Women’s Movement in South Africa spoke on female participation in local government
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