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The Role of Female Young Leaders in Socio-Economic Change

A visitor programme for a female Saudi delegation to Berlin

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is organising a visitor programme for a female Saudi delegation, in order to connect with peers from Germany and to develop jointly solutions.


Saudi Arabia is undergoing major shifts in the economic, social, and cultural realm. The rising role women play in accelerating innovation, education and entrepreneurship in the Kingdom is one of the most important parts of this transformation process. In fact 51.8% of graduates in Saudi Arabia today are female; concurrently, the number of women in the private sector has increased by 130% in the past four years.

Despite the gradual convergence of the roles of women and men, challenges persist and addressing them not only requires further reforms and a carefully balanced social dialogue. It also demands the relentless drive, motivation, and resilience of Saudi women who are already making an imprint on their society. Against this backdrop, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is organising a visitor programme for female young leaders from Saudi Arabia from 01 to 07 July 2018. The Saudi delegation will visit the German capital Berlin, in order to connect with peers from Germany.

By bringing together female pioneers from politics, business, and civil society in both countries the programme shall create awareness about success stories on all sides. Furthermore, participants will enter into a dialogue about the societal relevance of their work, identify challenges for female leaders, jointly discuss and develop tailored solutions. German dialogue partners will come from Germany’s largest political party and the vibrant start up eco-system in Berlin but also span social entrepreneurs and leaders from the youth community. The visitor programme thereby shall contribute towards building a professional network and strengthen individual positions.

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