German – European – Global. Dimensions of the German Reunification 20 years after

One Day in Europe

Movie Screening


On one single day, in four different European cities, people are getting involved in thefts: An English business woman and a Russian pensioner in Moscow, a German student and a Swabian-Turkish taxi driver in Istanbul, a Hungarian pilgrim and a Galician policeman in Santiago De Compostela and two French street performers in Berlin. A portrait of four different cities, quirky characters and amusing misunderstandings that cross-cultural communication often provides. Director Hannes Stoehr takes an intrigued and light look at people in Europe, people who meet and misunderstand each other, who travel, arrive and depart – and who sometimes become close.

Non-speakers of German, respectively learners of German are very welcome: The film is shown in the original version with English subtitles.

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