Konrad Adenauer meets Scheich Zayed

Lecture as part of the UAE University German Day

Shaikh Zayed and Konrad Adenauer fundamentally influenced their countries with their ideals.


„The strenght of the Gulf Region lies in its unity, in the solidarity among its people and in the Gulf Man’s cultural treasure and ability to cope with the challenges.” (Shaikh Zayed)

„Die Einheit Europas war ein Traum von Wenigen. Sie wurde eine Hoffnung für Viele. Sie ist heute eine Notwendigkeit für uns alle.“

(Konrad Adenauer)

Dr. Holger Löttel from the foundation „Bundeskanzler-Adenauer-Haus“ and the Emirati historian Dr. Fatima Al Sayegh present the founding fathers of their respective countries during the „UAE University German Day“ in Al Ain on 03. October.

The presentation will give the audience the understanding of the formative experiences, political objectives, and guiding values of these two personalities, and contribute to the political discours among the students.

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UAE University Al Ain


  • Dr. Holger Löttel
    • Foundation "Konrad-Adenauer-Haus"Dr. Fatima Al-Sayegh
      • UAE University Al Ain


        Konrad Adenauer meets Scheich Zayed: Presentation from the regional program Gulf-States during the first "German Day" of the UAE University in Al Ain
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