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Promoting & Advocating for Civic Sector Enhancement (PACE) in Kuwait

Next round for our PACE-project with KAS partner en.v

KAS Partner en.v develops a needs assessment and mapping of Kuwait’s civil society sector.


As part of our ongoing collaboration under the PACE program, KAS partner en.v is currently working on developing a comprehensive mapping and needs assessment for the civil society sector in Kuwait.

While the sector has grown significantly in recent years, particularly as new and creative youth-led initiatives emerge, it continues to face several structural and systemic challenges. These are related to a number of factors including, amongst others, the level of coordination and collaboration between CSOs, the ability to measure long-term impact, the perception and understanding of the role of civil society amongst the general public and other stakeholders, as well as the current regulatory framework and funding mechanisms.

In order to get a more nuanced and comprehensive understanding of these challenges, as well as emerging opportunities, KAS partner en.v has initiated a research study which is being conducted in partnership with an external independent research team, and will focus on collecting and analyzing data around best practices and potential risks across the civic sector in Kuwait. The study will provide findings on how CSOs measure impact individually and within the society, and on how they utilize data to make decisions; it will study the reasons behind the gaps related to age, gender and culture across the sector, and also identify existing best practices and points of weakness and threats, while pinpointing how CSOs deal with each other and with the public.

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Dr. Mohammad Yaghi

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