Supporting Saudi Women on the Labour Market

Career-Workshop for Female Young Professionals in Saudi Arabia

Glowork and the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) are organising a workshop for success strategies at work, which shall improve the soft skills of Saudi women who have started their careers recently and strengthen their role in the professional sphere.


Born out of its recent economic reform program, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has set itself the ambitious goal of reaching a share of 30 percent of women in the labour force by 2030. However, despite the latest reforms, such as the abolishment of the driving ban for women, social and informal challenges persist. This also applies to those who have successfully embarked on their professional career track. In order to support women in this situation, the Regional Programme Gulf States of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is set to organise a workshop in cooperation with the Saudi recruitment agency Glowork, to provide training and assistance to young women at the beginning of their carrier.

The career training on 20 November 2017 will take place in a casual atmosphere. First of all, it should enable participants to get to know each other during a networking breakfast. Afterwards, Ms Mozah Al Otaibi, herself already a successful executive consultant as well as an experienced trainer in the areas of personality and skill development, will recount her personal experience in the professional realm, advising the attendees. In preparation, a twitter survey will be conducted with young Saudi women in order to identify their biggest problems and challenges at the workplace. The results will inform structure and content of the workshop, which shall offer strategies and methods of resolution to the participants helping them to overcome future challenges more easily and to become successful in the long term.

Teaching valuable personal and soft skills, the workshop should, in the long term, enable participants to assume a greater economic role, thereby also contributing towards strengthening the social role of women in Saudi Arabia. The workshop is the second cooperation between Glowork and the KAS Regional Programme Gulf States.

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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Supporting Saudi Women in the Labour Market: A Career Workshop to Strengthen the Economic Role of Women in Saudi Arabia
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