Event Reports

Exhibition on Life in East Germany before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall inaugurated in Kuwait

KAS Regional Program Gulf-States participated in panel discussion

In context of the opening of the exhibition "The ideal world of dictatorship" on the Fall of the Berlin Wall at the American University in Kuwait (AUK), the Gulf Studies Center of AUK hosted a panel discussion titled "The Fall of the Berlin Wall: A Retrospective of Life in Germany Before & After 1990" on December 20th, 2010. Thomas Birringer, Regional Representative to the Gulf-States represented the KAS. He explained the effects of the Berlin Wall on people in both parts of Germany.

In his remarks he explained the effects of the Berlin Wall on people in both parts of Germany: "Germans felt always as being part of one Nation. But 40 years of separation had an impact on East and West Germans. People grew up in two very different systems, which shaped not ony their economic and political situations and possibilies but even more so their thinking. A distinct 'West German' and 'East German' mentality developed, which had some implications for the process of growing together again as one nation." Mr. Birringer and the other panelists Dr. Nizar Hamzeh, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences AUK and Dr. Armin Kössler, Deputy Head of Mission, German Embassy Kuwait agreed however, that the differences between East and West have been watered down in time as new generations have not witnessed the division of Germany.