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Business Journalism - a genre of its own

KAS Regional Program Gulf-States continues its Journalist Seminar successfully

“Business Journalism” was the topic of a highly specialized seminar that continued the KAS training program for Emirati junior journalists. In addition to an introduction into the basics of Business Journalism the seminar’s main goal was to provide the participants with practical work experience. Visits to regional companies, presentations by commercial experts as well as research in local shopping malls provided ample opportunity. The articles written by the young journalists gave clear evidence of the seminar’s success.

Donata Riedel from Handelsblatt and freelance journalist Anne Allmeling, chairing the seminar in close collaboration with the Arab Trainer Dr.Abbas Mustafa Sadiq, initially explained to the participants the basic techniques and elements of Business Journalism.Guest speaker Noor Malas, business correspondent of Dow Jones, shared her experiences gathered in the daily life of a Business Journalist.

Furthermore, a crucial part of the seminar was the drafting of articles based on thorough research during the workshop. In this context, the participants learned about current developments in Masdar City, interviewed shopkeepers in local shopping malls and held talks with the CEOs of the regional offices of Siemens and Weiss-Röhling, Joachim Kundt and Jochen Humpeler. A presentation by Stefan Kraxner, Project Manager at the Department of economic development Abu Dhabi, provided interesting insights into the economic development of the UAE and offered useful material for the participants’ articles as well.

Thanks to comprehensive support of the trainers, expert presentations and, above all, the ambitious and dedicated work of the journalists, the outcome of the workshop were numerous interesting articles about the economic development within the UAE. Not only the KAS and the National Media Council but particularly the participants therefore considered the workshop a great success: “Fabulous training course, it really adds a value to my working experience”.

After two Basic seminars earlier this year this workshop was the third event in the course of the Journalist Seminar hosted by the KAS Regional Program Gulf States and the National Media Council of the UAE. It will be followed by further specialized courses on other topics throughout the year.

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