Event Reports

Live records of Dubai Debates "After the Arab Awakening" now online

A life audience of more than 120 guests followed on July 31st the intense discussions on the issue „After the Arab Awakening: Opportunities und Challenges for a New Arab World“ with Dr. Dalia Mogahed, Dr. Tarek Yousef, Abdel Bari Atwan as well as Dr. Shadi Hamid. Listeners and participants in the high-profile panel alike twittered the debate proceedings life(#DD2) and reached out to more than 15.000 Twitter-followers. If you missed the opportunity to attend the debate, you have now here the chance to watch the live records online.

"Is the Arab Spring over?"

"Where is Egypt headed after the revolution?"

"Can Arab and Islamic values be reconciled with democracy?"

"Will Arab democracy bring Arab prosperity?"

"Do Western governments even care about Arab democracy?"