Event Reports

New Conference Publication: Im Plenum Kompakt: "Europe-Gulf-Africa. New Approaches to Sustainable Cooperation"

To discuss the principles and perspectives of future development and cooperation between Europe, the Gulf Region and Africa the KAS Regional Programem Gulf States and the international business school INSEAD Abu Dhabi Campus had jointly organized the conference: "From Private Action to Public Good- How Can the Gulf Region Contribute to Sustainable Socio-Economic Development in Africa?" which took place on June 2, 2011.

Featuring local projects and private entrepreneurships in Africa that had been supported by development programs the conference investigated the question how the Gulf-Region could further contribute to the socio-economic development in Africa. KAS decided deliberately to partner up with a business school for this event. This cooperation enabled the conference to examine topics such as Social and Private Entrepreneurship as the key to a sustainable economic development in rural areas from various perspectives.

Event Reports
June 8, 2011