Event Reports

Women’s Empowerment in Kuwait

by Gidon Windecker

More women in leadership positions

Women should play a greater role in public life in Kuwait. On this point, the fifty, mainly female participants agreed during a discussion forum. This holds particularly true for the acceptance of women in leadership positions. In partnership with Business & Professional Women Kuwait (BPW), KAS Regional Program Gulf-States organized this awareness rising event based on the “Women’s Empowerment Principles” of the United Nations Development Fund of Women (UNIFEM).

The discussion was hosted by Ghalia Club, a non-profit organization for the promotion of young women. The event took place as part of BPW’s Women’s Leadership & Entrepreneurship Project. The project aims at the development of economic structures, the strengthening of small business, and on increasing the participation rights of young women.

The seven “Women’s Empowerment Principles“ include equality in education, training and in leadership positions, elimination of discrimination at the workplace, as well as various measures to promote and support women. According to UNIFEM, the principles contribute to the establishment of a stable and strong economy, to a fairer society, to sustainable development, and to the promotion of human rights.

One of the main problems in Kuwait was identified as the disproportion between the over 70 percent of female university graduates compared to only 5 percent of women in leadership positions. Yet, also in the European Union, the rate of female leaders in politics and economy is only about 15 percent.

Through the support of projects aiming at promoting women in the field of business and economic development, KAS hopes to contribute to a stable economic growth in the region.

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