Constitutional Administrative Practice

The strong economic growth over the past two decades in Asia has caused the countries in the region of operation to amply devise and modernize their administrative law. The role of administrative law in the legal system is complex and important, because it acts to balance the rights of citizens on one hand and the legitimate interests of state institutions on the other. An efficient administrative law, and therefore the guarantee of legal predictability, is also important to make the state attractive to foreign investment.

A long-term goal of the Rule of Law Programme Asia is to promote reliability, transparency and accountability of government action. We support creation of decentralized administrative structures and clear procedural rules within the administrative institutions as well as the establishment of efficient and citizen-friendly procedural rules in courts. In this context, the fight against corruption – similar to the judiciary – is particularly important in order to secure the equality of the individual before the state and the courts. Especially the judges are role models as they represent an independent supervisory body of government actions. The Rule of Law Programme Asia holds seminars and conferences and produces and promotes publications on constitutional administrative practice on a regular basis.