Environmental Law

Environmental law and its implementation by governments and the corporate sector is becoming more and more important in the region. Many countries are passing new environmental laws and improve the environment protection, but the implementation is often less successful.

In this context, the climate change has to be considered as a global problem. The data regarding environmental indicators in Asia are particularly alarming. Effective climate and environment protection are facing implementation deficits also because of deficits in the rule of law structures.

In the light of the above, in 2012 the Rule of Law Programme Asia started a series of seminars, conferences, dialogues and experts’ meetings, which cover a wide range of different topics, such as the promotion of renewable energy production, the combat of natural resources-related crimes, transboundary pollution, forest management as well as the general exchange of views regarding the climate change and energy issues. These topics were combined with fundamental rule of law questions, such as due process, including the participation of affected persons, and access to justice.