The Responsibility to Protect

Views from South Africa, Brazil, India and Germany

In light of the intervention in Libya and the crisis in Syria, several states are reflecting on their positions on the Responsibility to Protect (R2P). As a reaction to the on-going debate, a dialogue meeting was held in Pretoria on 7 June. Researchers, students and government representatives from India, Brazil, South Africa and Germany discussed the concept of R2P, including its various interpretations, applications and shortcomings – and the way forward.

The Youth Wage Subsidy

Fighting Youth Unemployment in South Africa

In May 2012 demonstrations in Johannesburg for the implementation of the youth wage subsidy resulted in brutal street fights between members of the Democratic Alliance (DA) and members of the Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu). This has been the peak of the conflict that was sparked by President Jacob Zuma’s announcement to implement such a subsidy to address the pressing issue of youth unemployment in South Africa. KAS intern Tobias Reinauer analyses the different views and position on this hotly debated issue.

Ethics, Education and Economy

Challenges and new directions

"Ethics, Education and Economy: Challenges and new directions” was the title of a conference organised by Konrad Adenauer Foundation in cooperation with St. Augustine College, held at the College’s auditorium in Johannesburg on the 2nd and 3rd of May 2012. The conference was the third of a series that focuses on challenges to the economic system in South Africa.

Climate Smart Cape Town Legacy Report

The „Climate Smart Cape Town Campaign“, launched by the City of Cape Town, aims at spreading awareness of the issues around climate change, as well as informing about the City’s measures and initiatives to counteract its effects. Supported by the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, a first Legacy Report has been published, available here for download.

Two events, many anniversaries


Four anniversaries in total were commemorated in two separate KAS events, one held in Johannesburg on May 15th 2012, the other in Cape Town on May 17th.

Kony 2012: Taking A Closer Look At The Social Media Sensation

Chris Roper on the activist online video that made global headlines & the African perspective

More than 135 million views made the activist video “Kony 2012” an online sensation. It also redefined what social media can achieve. South Africa’s leading online journalist Chris Roper takes a closer look at the phenomenon.

KAS/SAIIA Internship Programm

Meet our scholars!

Since 1999 KAS has funded an internship programme, run by the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA) in conjunction with the University of the Witwatersrand (Wits). This internship provides outstanding students with the unique opportunity of enrolling for a Masters degree by course, while simultaneously working at SAIIA.

From conflict prevention to post-conflict reconstruction

Peacekeeping lessons for UNSC non-permanent members South Africa and Germany

The author Dr. Petrus de Kock focuses in this publication on the opportunities for cooperation related to peaceful conflict prevention between Germany and South Africa as UN member states without permanent seats in the UN security council. The publication is based on a seminar jointly hosted by Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Hanns Seidel Foundation and SAIIA.

Sustainable Mega-Events in Developing Countries

Experiences and Insights from Host Cities in South Africa, India and Brazil

How can Mega-Events, such as the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup™ in South Africa, the 2010 Commonwealth Games in India as well as the 2016 Olympics in Brazil, be used as catalysts for sustainable urban development? Based on three country case studies the authors analyze challenges and opportunities that come with such events. The aim of the manual is to assist future host cities, particularly in a developing country context, and promote the hosting of such events in an environmentally as well as economically and socially sustainable manner.

The emerging multilayered security architecture: German and South African perspectives on regional and global governance

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation together with its partners, the Hanns Seidel Foundation, the South African Institute of International Affairs and the Institute for Security Studies hosted a series of conference on the German and South African non-permanent seat at the UN Security Council. The last workshop on the emerging multilayered security architecture was organized by the HSS and ISS. The conference report is now available online.