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Regional Integration in Southern Africa: Comparative International Perspectives

19-20 June 2000

The path and progress of the regional integration process in Southern Africa faced, during 2000, ongoing crises in Zimbabwe, Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), three of the region’s four largest states. With this in mind, the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), in conjunction with the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, the British High Commission in Pretoria, and the Universities of the Witwatersrand and London, staged a conference from 19–20 June 2000 on Reviewing Regional Integration in Southern Africa: Comparative International Experiences. This report is based on the papers presented at that event. For your convenient download the it is subdivided in a number of different pdf-files.

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Table of Contents

Introduction and Acknowledgements: Trends, Problems and Projections in Southern African Integration

Greg Millsand Elizabeth Sidiropoulos


The Challenge of Integrating Africa into the World Economy

Pascal Lamy

Regional Integration: The Path to Prosperity?

Justin Malewezi

Challenges for Southern Africa

Pandelani Thomas Mathoma

SADC: The Way Forward

Prega Ramsamy

Reviewing the Differences and Common Goals of SADC and Comesa

Sindiso Ngwenya

Regional Integration

Rob Davies

SADC and Comesa: Balancing the Benefits

Harry Zarenda


The Changing World of Regional Integration in Africa

Christopher Clapham

The State of Regional Integration: The Intra- and Inter-regional Dimensions

Richard Gibb

Variable Geometry and Varying Speed: An Operational Paradigm for SADC

Séan Cleary

From Collective Security to Peace-Building? The Challenges of Managing Regional Security in Southern Africa

Rocky Williams

Organised Crime and State Responses in Southern Africa

Mark Shaw

A Review of Regional Integration in Southern Africa: Comparative International Perspectives on the Legal Dimensions of Cross-Border Trade

Annina H. Persson


Comparative International Experiences: Latin America

Claudia Mutschler

Regional Integration: The Case of Asean

Mya Than and Daljit Singh

European Integration on the Threshold of a New Era: Challenges and Dilemmas Raised by EU Enlargement

Ron Ton

Variable Geometry and Setting Membership Conditionalities: A Viable Strategy?

Marise Cremona

Nordic Co-operation

Svend Erik Hovmand

Nordic Co-operation on the Environment

Harald Rensvik

The Role of the Media: More Courageous Editors and Media Owners Needed

Christina Jutterström

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