Event Reports

DDP Civic Education Training for CSOS and Community Builders

The Democracy Development Program (DDP) held a 3-day Civic Education training in South Coast, from 3-5 April 2018. The training was attended by different organizations from the Durban region as well as Pietermaritzburg.

Societies have long had an interest in the ways in which their young are prepared for citizenship and in how they learn to take part in civic life. There is evidence aplenty that no country, including South Africa, has achieved the level of understanding and acceptance of the rights and responsibilities among the totality of its citizens that is required for the maintenance and improvement of any constitutional democracy.

The objectives of this workshop was to improve fundamental principles and values underlying democracy in a society, promote awareness of current issues and controversies relating to democracy, as well as to show participants that their participation can make a difference in how democracy works in their country.

At the end of the workshop, community builders/ participants were expected to take their learning and give back to their respective communities in terms of hosting at least one dialogue and a workshop.