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MP Charles Huber for Talks in Dar es Salaam

Dialogue programme

MP Charles Huber will be completing a dialogue programme from the 13 to 16 September 2014 in Tanzania. Besides the participation in the convention of CDU partner party CHADEMA, meetings with representatives from state and civil society are scheduled.

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As part of the dialogue programme conducted by the KAS Tanzania country office, MP Huber, who is also a member of the Parliamentary Committee of Economic Cooperation and Development, will inform himself about current developments in Tanzania and about the German development cooperation on site. Questions concerning sustainable development, good governance, peace keeping and conflict prevention gain on importance especially with regard to the upcoming general elections in 2015, and will thus be subject to discussion among representatives of the government, the political opposition and actors of the civil society.

In addition to the meetings with government representatives in Dar es Salaam, the dialogue programme also includes the participation of MP Huber in the convention of the CDU partner party CHADEMA. Accordingly, MP Huber responds to the invitation of CHADEMA for international partners to attend the election of a new party board and chairman, which is being conducted every five years.

Moreover, Mr. Huber will discuss with Tanzanian experts on the topic “Resource Boom in Tanzania – Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development". Besides further round table discussions, among others with representatives of the Tanzanian civil society organisations on the topic “Strategies of the German Government for Development Cooperation in Sub-Saharan Africa”, informative talks with the leader of the delegation of the European Union in Tanzania, with the deputy ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany, but also with representatives of other German institutions, are provided for by the dialogue programme.

The main focus of the dialogue programme is laid on an open exchange of views between different state and non-state actors in the partner country Tanzania, as to take a closer look at the current economic, social and political developments and their respective impacts on the German and European development cooperation.

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MP Charles Huber for talks in Tanzania: Dialog- und Informationsprogramm
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