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What Could the COVID-19 Pandemic Mean for the 2021 Elections in Uganda?

COVID-19 has caused global trauma and hindered many operations to achieve economic, social and political plans by the government and many of its partners. According to the Electoral Commission (EC) 2020/21 strategic plan, Uganda’s General Election has been scheduled for February 2021. However, due to the outbreak of the novel COVID-19, it is now a topic for debate. Stakeholders and the general populace are having mixed reactions. Many are asking the following questions: What is the implication of COVID-19 on the already ongoing electoral processes? Will the 2021 general elections still be a national priority in the crippled post COVID-19 economy? Has the COVID-19 pandemic increased the popularity of H.E the President of Uganda in line with his government’s response and management of the pandemic? How can the opposition political establishment remain relevant during the and after COVID-19? To what extent has the COVID-19 global pandemic affected the electoral financing of opposition parties in the country? This manuscript attempts to offer some insights into these question.
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